Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life is so good.

Spent the last few days floating in the ocean letting the waves carry us. We are so lucky to live in a place with the Ocean at our doorstep. Got good news that my bone scan showed no cancer just osteopenia. Gotta finally start drinking milk. Still don't know what the pain is from but as long as its not cancer I will deal. My son finally jumped into the deep end of the pool without crying at swim lessons!!! Way to go. A great leson to live by sometimes you just have to dive into the deep end.

My friend's oncologist told her, he thought it might be possible for cancer to fizzle away in our bodies. I have been thinking about that a lot today. Am I wasting time waiting for the other shoe to drop? I think of it as a chronic disease. But no cancer even when the establishment tells us we are incurable. I can't quite wrap my head around that. Any thoughts?????

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