Wednesday, July 30, 2008



I have tried keeping a journal over the last 6 years. Mainly for my son. The other night after losing another journal, my hubby suggested I just do it online. I have never blogged but thought hmmm maybe that is a good idea. (Don't let him know I think he had a good idea, I may never hear the end of it). I have decided to do this for 3 reasons really:

1. My son. I want him to know how proud I am of him and leave a legacy of words and guidance for him.

2. Lately a few friends have been dxed with breast cancer. I really enjoy helping others out during their cancer journey.

3. When I found out I had mets, I immediately thought I was going to die. In fact one doctor gave me 26 months but that was October of 2002. I would like to share some hope with others, that yes there are many of us living with mets.

This blog doesn't have a clear cut direction yet and it may never. I figure it will cover being a mom, family, breast cancer, friendship, fears and who knows what else. Oh yeah, one more thing. I am a sweeper a die hard enter contests sweeper, so there will be giveaways too!!!!!

So give me your ideas, input, suggestions.


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